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SDFCL is an ISO certified and one of the largest lab chemical companies in Asia. Since 1978, SDFCL has been extensively investing in state-of-the-art manufacturing infrastructure.

SDFCL has 20,000 sq mts of manufacturing facilities, for producing a large range of chemicals which comprises of basic chemicals for synthesis, high purity analytical reagents, HPLC solvents, pesticide residue solvents, Pharmacopoeia chemicals and other rare / research / speciality chemicals. We have a large and dedicated solvent rectification facility which products HPLC Solvents, Solvents for pesticide residue,

                Solvents for electronic applications as well as other organic liquids, from few hundred litres to kilo litres.

Another facility exclusively produces analytical reagents, complex organic compounds with multi-step synthesis, rare and research / specialty chemicals, as well as pharmacopoeia chemicals, In fact this facility is one of the most modern plants and is FDA approved and GMP certified.

This makes SDFCL one of the very few catalogue companies in the world, having this kind of infrastructure. All operations in this plant are SCADA controlled and the plant finishing area is under AHU. SDFCL manufactures BP / USP / NF range of pharmacopoeia Chemicals as well as intermediates for API in this plant.

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