Chemicals are the core for research, quality control, quality assurance, manufacturing and host of other applications. We supply you the chemicals with world class quality at your doorsteps.

The chemicals range from general grade to the highest purity to fit your varied applications.



  • NMR Solvents NMR Solvents

    NMR Solvents


    Over the past years, NMR spectroscopy has become a major tool for Research to characterize the structure of various compounds. In order to assist the lab teams do carry out those analyses, Euriso-top has developed a broad range of consumables, and more specifically deuterated solvents with high isotopic enrichment and high chemical purity.



    Euriso-top latest performance was the manufacturing of DMSO d6 without HDO water peakoffering  a higher-precision product. this innovation is now applied to all the qualities of DMSO of the th catalog, and has become a standard.

  • Laboratory Chemicals Laboratory Chemicals

    Complete and exhaustive range of high purity chemicals viz. Gradient HPLC ,HPLC, GC-HS, Dry solvents, ACS, AR, LR & other application based chemicals.

NMR Solvents

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